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Lenticular Labls


About us

Axxel is a leading polish printing house and advertisement item producer specialized in all types of lenticular printouts.

Lenticular printing offers unique special effects on the surface of the printout thanks to employment of the lenticular lens. The images which are first interlaced together are printed on the back side of a foil sheet covered with series of thin lenses on its front side. Lenticular lenses reflect the light from each image strip into different directions, resulting in a stereoscopic effect, where single eye has only one image in sight while viewing with both eyes create illusion of 3D without any aditional tools like glasses or goggles.

Same techinque gives the possibility to create multi framed animations. In this case graphical design is divided into32 frames before printing, then positioned on the lense so the viewer by altering the angle of view can see the animation.